AboutVidas Cemarka, DDS

Vidas Cemarka, DDS is a Bellevue based family dentist practice that treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using advanced dental equipment. We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers and more.

We also perform emergency dentist services that include bonding, root canals, crowns, and bridges. As a local dentist, we create lifelong relationships with our patients and their families and work to ensure that they receive treatments in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Dr. Cemarka and our staff invite you to schedule an appointment by calling 425-559-9147 and experience why our patients think Vidas Cemarka, DDS is the best dentist in Bellevue.

Dr. Cemarka

With over 25 years in the field, Dr. Cemarka has a passion for people and for expert care.

Hi everyone, my name is Dr. Cemarka.

I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. My parents immigrated from Lithuania and settled on the SW side of Chicago. The field of Dentistry came into my life when a friend of mine became a Dental Laboratory Technician. I always loved hands-on work so Dental Technology became a passion.

After completing a one year program in Dental Technology I worked in small Dental Labs throughout the Chicagoland area. After 18 years as a Dental Technician, I decided to attend Illinois Benedictine College. There my passion shifted to Dentistry. Since I had a strong background in prosthetics, Dentistry was a perfect pathway.

I attended Loyola University School of Dentistry in Chicago. After graduation, I entered the US Navy and completed six years of active duty in the Dental Corps. Stationed in San Diego as a Lieutenant Commander, I was exposed to state of the art procedures. The training was superb! Plus I was able to travel halfway around the world on the USS Constellation. September 1999 I left San Diego for my new home in the Northwest.

What Makes us Stand out?

Our goal is to offer you a level of care you haven’t experienced. By having our expectations of dental health set higher than the typical general dentist we are able to let you decide what level of health you want to achieve. Whatever your goal is we will support your decision; however, we strongly believe you should be the one to decide what level of health you want to achieve, know your options and repercussions of each option before you make a decision.

We don’t want to wait until there is permanent damage to offer you a solution. Traditionally dentists and hygienists are taught that because insurance won’t always pay for certain services level of care is that it will only treat things that are permanently damaged. We want to offer you the same care we offer our families.

At Dr. Cemarka's office we are focused on comprehensive, expert care and our relationships with our patients. Those words are easy to say but not if you truly mean them. What do we mean when we say comprehensive, expert care? We don't like just putting band-aids on our patients’ problems, we want to find out why you are having an issue, why is a tooth breaking down, why are you developing decay, why do you have hard to control inflammation, and how does it relate to your general health? Figuring out what causes your dental problems allows us to give you more options for care and allows you to choose what level of care you want. Possibly all you want to do is minimal care and that is fine, but you should know what options you have and what the risks and benefits are for each option of treatment. Only once you know that information can you then can make an informed decision about your care. Whatever option you chose, we will support your decision and do our best to meet your personal goals.

We love helping people feel welcome who haven't seen the dentist or who are embarrassed by their teeth. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or self-conscious. We want everyone to feel comfortable and know that we are happy to see you no matter what the circumstance and that we have options for you. Even if you have no teeth left, we have options. If you are fearful we have ways to address that and make you comfortable. If you do have something diagnosed as needing to be done, we want to come up with a plan to help you prevent further issues from happening.

Our favorite part of our practice is not just taking care of your dental needs but also getting to know you, we feel very lucky that our patients share so much personal information with us. It’s what keeps us excited to come to work!! We listen carefully to our patient’s concerns and expectations which is why our New Patient Exams are so comprehensive and we take the time to do complimentary consultations with you so you can see on the screen what and why you have the options you do. We want to hear your concerns and goals. Our patients are part of our team.

Dr. Cemarka is known for his expertise and friendly demeanor. Our long-term staff is warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Our treatment coordinator, Brandi can walk you through your treatment plan every step of the way as well as going through your benefits if you have insurance. She has a BS in Dental Hygiene from UC San Francisco. She then practiced dental hygiene for years before managing dental practices for the last 20. Our assistant, Susan, has been an assistant for over 25 years and worked for Dr. Cemarka for the past 12 years. Our hygienist Anna has over 20 years of experience and loves taking care of people, she is personable and gentle, yet thorough.

Sometimes it’s hard to get people (Ok we admit it’s us catching up with our patients) to stop visiting and get them in the chair!! But that is how we want it to be at Dr. Cemarka’s office, a place where you know us and we care not just about your smile, but for you as a person. We want to continue to be where you come for long-term dental health care!

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